Spring forward – and our first outing of 2018

Irish Standard Time will come into effect on Sunday 25th at 1am – so don’t forget to put your clocks forward. Forgetting to do so could mean missing out on our first meeting of 2018, which is not on!

Sunday 25 March, 3.00pm
We have lost our great Mrs Conolly’ – the life and letters of Katherine Conolly (1662–1752) of Castletown House.
An illustrated talk offering a revealing perspective on the life of a rich, energetic and intelligent Irish woman living in the first half of the eighteenth century.

Speaker: Dr. Gaye Ashford (Member).
Venue: Kilcullen Heritage Centre.
Followed by Tea/Coffee.
Donation: €5

Clocks go forward

Don’t forget, clocks spring forward on Sunday 25th.

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