Solved – Carved Images on Round Tower??

A previous post posed the intriguing question are there  “Carved Stones on Kildare Round Tower?” . The answer is a definite NO. Thanks to the work of Paul Brerton in taking very detailed videos and still photographs there is no doubt that the carved stones don’t exist.

So what are we left with? We now have high definition videos and still photographs of every stone in Kildare Round Tower. This is the first time in the Round Tower’s history that it has been viewed from such an angle.

Here are the definitive photos of stones in question. No doubt there I’m afraid. (Click on images for full-size view)

V Close 1

V Close 2

However, here is a photo of a window from directly outside it.


So, our thanks to Paul Brerton for all the work he did for CKAS in solving this mystery.

A.J. Mullowney

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