An update on the 2020 Programme of Events from CKAS President Siobhán McNulty

As part of the recent relaxing of some of the Covid-19 restrictions the situation has been reviewed, with the possibility of reactivating the 2020 programme of events. However given that the safety and wellbeing of our members is of utmost importance, together with the practicalities of holding a socially distant event, even an outdoor one, we feel that at the moment it is still prudent to continue with the “pause” of our 2020 programme. The situation remains under our ongoing review and as soon as it safe and practical to resume events we will do so.

In the meantime keep safe and well, your continued support is appreciated. Remember on these wet days you can always browse through the CKAS journals online where you will find a wide range of wonderful articles.

Until we can meet again in person; “Hold to the now, the here, through which all future plunges to the past.” James Joyce, Ulysses.

Kindest regards,
Siobhán McNulty – President

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